RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

As soon as traffic grows you might want to think about feeding visitors with usefull content. There are many ways to pull content from the internet but one of the easiest for WordPress blogs must be through RSS feeds. There are a few ways you can gather content and re-distribute it…

YahooPipes | FeedKiller

Combine up to 8 news feeds in to one that you can then feed your blog with YahooPipes and combine even more feeds in to one that you can then feed your blog with FeedKiller.

Note! Take Caution…Don’t take this lightly, feeds can be very powerful and can also seriously mess things up. Drop the feed in your wordpress and it will be distributed over all your accounts. You can also drop your feeds in other places…but you better use your own blog feed instead of any third party account feed and get direct traffic.

When using the WordPress plugins you can usually choose to link the title to your own blog. This is highly recommended if you’d like to see any traffic from your efforts, rather then sending it right to the original authors website. So, configure it to NOT make the titles link to the original authors website…

WP-O-Matic Plugin or.. Search For Another RSS Aggregator Plugin