Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The most obvious way to do keyword research is to enter your keyword into Google. According to many experts this is the best way but it requires significant understanding of the engine.


In this case we are going to try to find out if it is worth the time and trouble fighting over the keyword in the first place.

  1. Are there any ads? They should be under sponsored results at the top and right side of the results page. If not, consider to define your search until ads show up. When the term has ads the term is worth money, otherwise people will not pay for advertising.
  2. Check how many results there are for the keyword. Some competition is healthy but millions upon millions might give you trouble. this does however depend on how other people try to rank for the term. For instance, if you put the term in quotes, how many show up with the term in the title? That piece of data could significantly increase your chances if others are not aware of it. all you do is use the term as is in your title somewhere.
  3. Following up on the previous step. Check how many social, video, wiki and other major sites are listed on the first few results pages. If you see a lot of twitter, facebook, youtube, videos and all that sort of web 2.0 sites… You are in deep trouble… Go for another term.
  4. Notice the suggested search terms in the search box while typing. Jot all of interest down…these are worth gold! These terms are suggested by Google because Google has learned from other people that they usually type in those terms to be satisfied with the result. This is awesome because now you know that the term is really actively searched for.
  5. Scroll down on the results page and look at the related terms. Are you getting the picture? Yep, just like the suggested terms, Google is saying to you. Hey, this is what people also search for. If you try to figure this out for yourself…you will realize how valuable such information is.
  6. While looking at the results make note of images, videos, news feeds and all stuff that is not just an ordinary search results with title, description and link. If there is a lot of these…you could have a hard time ranking well for the term. If not, you should take advantage of what is absent. Add video, images, news and stuff, all optimized with your keyword term.
  7. To get some keyword ideas, you could visit the top ranking pages to see what they are using (probably the oldest trick in the book). Oops…you do have to leave Google for that…hope you don’t mind;)

TIP! Check Alexa for the traffic data on the top ranking sites in your niche and find their best perfroming keywords for getting website visitors!