Research for Opportunity
Searching for that perfect domain-name or just trying to figure out high performing keywords, great research is at it’s core. Although much underestimated, research is a must for anyone trying to avoid wasting precious time. Without doing proper research everything becomes just a huge gamble.

Promote Your Website
Having a website is great but the idea is to get people to see your website. In order to make this happen, some kind of website promotion must be done. Many search engines eased the path for you and an increasing number of popular social sites are great places to drop links.

Track Website Visitors
In order to get the most out of your website visitors it is wise to track your websites user activity. IcervU uses Google Analytics and Website Optimizer to track whatever is going on here. It gives us clear insight in the behavior of anyone visiting our website but maybe best of all is the a/b split testing and funnel visualizations.

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Analyze Online Performance (Soon!)
Once the research is done and the website is up and running smoothly and visitors start to trickle in, it is time to analyze the information. Should you change keywords or revamp your home-page completely? How to interpret all the test and tracking data and why should you care.

Optimize to Maximize Conversions (Soon!)
Optimization completes the circle, systematical implementation of the knowledge gathered from analyzing the tracking data. Deciding on the promotional efforts that work and the ones that turn out to be waste of time. Change strategy, improve website for better visitor experience and much more.